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We are running a new promotion in your area and according to that promotion you are able to get 50% discount on all of your utility bills.And you can enjoy our services just by signing up with one of our associate.

You just have to Give us Simple Information About your bill, We don't need any personal information or confidential Information or any Credit Card and Account Info. We Only need the simple info to pay your Bill that is Required by your Company.

As you know about our company's promotion that we're providing you 50% discount on all of your utility and personal bills. So we are just going to explain different payment dealing with different companies. Here's the description: 

Utility Bills: 

For utility payment, you can sign-up with us, as your first bill payment with our company minimum amount of $300. utilities included electric, gas, water, internet, garbage and cell phone bill payments. Firstly in advance, our company will pay your bill to your concerned company. Within 24 hours your payment will post in your company and then you have to pay us back the exact half amount what we paid. So in this way your utilities go on. 

Credit Cards Pay Off: 

For credit card payments, we can pay minimum $1000 to your any bank. You can pay you any credit card like Visa Card, Master card Amex card and Discover Card. For this bill, you have to provide the 16-digit card number. Last 4-digit Social Security number required as per your bank requirement. Then we pay off your card and give you the confirmation number. Within 24-48 hours your bank will clear the payment and it will show in your balance and after your payment will be update, you have to deposit the exact half amount in our retailer bank account. 

Loan Payments: 

Mortgages car loan or anything, have the same procedure  like utilities. We need policy number or account number with last 4-digit SSN as per required from your company. After your payment is cleared to your company, it will maximum take 1-2 days for posting. Once it posted, then you have to deposited the half amount in our retailers bank account that we issued to you. We can pay you monthly mortgage payment as well as your whole remaining balance. 



For your security reasons and quality services our procedure is very secure and attractive like,  When you will sign up with us, before your bill  payment you will receive a confirmation call from our billing department, As well as after the payment you will receive Confirmation Number of your Payment. And You have to pay When you will be Fully Verified From Your Company.

We assure you that all the confidential information we need to pay your bill amounts is simply required by your companies. For agent portal, it is only one time put information option and after that all the information erase from agent hand. At accounts department, they have secure way to save your information and have a file record for each customer at secure folder in our database. So, you don't need to worry regarding your confidential concerns because an unauthorized can not reach at your confidential.

So that you feel safe to pay your every kind of bills with our company, we take care of your security at very precise point. And we take responsibility of your each and every payment that made with our company. SO you can enjoy our company key points:   




     Why We Providing You The Discount?

We are giving you this promotion because we have contracts with all local companies in the US & Canada.

On each new Customer we got some voucher cards from the companies those are useless for us. Because we can't convert them into the cash. We can only use those voucher cards to pay the Utility Bills. So that's why we  provide you discount through those voucher and take the half of the amount from the customer.

In that way customer can use the free service on discounted price and we got our voucher card in cash amount.

How You Will Pay Us?

We will give you our retailer bank account information. You have to deposit the money in that account. And you can't deposit the money in the form of any personal cheque or wire transfer in this account.

You have to deposit cash amount or money order and you can deposit cashier cheque in this account and then you have to send the snap shot of the Bank Receipt and the money order or cashier cheque by Text or Email.

Terms & Conditions

- Once you verified from your company, You have to pay with in 24 to 48 hours.

- We can pay minimum $300.00 for any utility bill.

- You have to deposit the Money in our retailer bank account in the form of money order and

   cashier cheque.

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